Lighten Up East Texas

The annual Lighten Up East Texas program, developed by the North East Texas Public Health District (NET Health) is currently recruiting participants to sign-up for the annual weight-loss challenge.  Houston County is included in the NET Health service district.

The Lighten Up East Texas program encourages adults to make a commitment to losing 5% of their starting body weight over the course of a 12 week period.  For most people, 5% represents between a 5-15 pound loss. Participants must register, weigh-in and weigh-out at the same location.  Everyone reporting a 5% loss at weigh-out is entered into a grand prize drawing of $5000 to be held on May 10th.

The Houston County Extension Office, located inside the Senior Center in Crockett Park, has served as a weighing location for the past 3 years.  The weigh-in period runs through January 31st.  Participants must weigh-in/out at a certified location in order to be eligible to participate. Certified locations all over East Texas can be found on the website.




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